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IMC and Partners work globally with the highest standard of integrity

IMC Ltd offers 5 construction lines that are synchronized and optimized over several years to build large ships at an amazing speed. IMC ltd has made sure that the shipyard-knowledge built up over many years has been contained. The combination of advanced robot technology and a very precise logistic control system makes this probably the most advanced shipyard in the world.

IMC Ltd are capable of arranging the building of new dry-docks. If drenching is necessary IMC Ltd can help with that as well. We strive to make sure that any investment through us will be safely followed through until the shipyard eventually is completely independent of external consultancy.

IMC Ltd facilitates and is willing to supply shipyard knowledge of the highest level of expertise in a yearlong contract. IMC Ltd wants to secure every phase of taking over an advanced technology, as with this advanced shipyard. Even very advanced welding technology will be transferred.

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