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IMC and Partners work globally with the highest standard of integrity

Welcome to Inductive Management Consulting

IMC Ltd wants to do business with partners that have integrity and a high standard towards professional business. IMC Ltd takes responsibility for its actions. This means that IMC Ltd will always consider how its business will impact the environment and social matters. IMC Ltd wants both sides to have profitable engagements, honest relations and a long-term relationship. IMC Ltd will be the same now as in 50 years.

IMC Ltd wants to be used as a partner for countries that want a good representative towards Europe or other parts of the world. IMC Ltd wants to facilitate the transfer of high-level knowledge to countries of that need. IMC Ltd wants to facilitate negotiations on behalf of countries that want special technology, transfer of expertise, large procurement of transport vehicles, health equipment and similar. IMC Ltd wants to be representing countries at a high level of trust, with absolute discretion. IMC Ltd will not facilitate any need that is directly related to acts of war.

IMC Ltd is an international company that strives towards good business opportunities. IMC Ltd chooses to work with proven and straight companies in first hand personal relations. All our relations has been through our thorough due diligence. This is done to ensure our business partners to have the best probability for a future potential relation.

Generally, for new business relations, a startup fee

will be necessary to ensure an optimal and serious

commitment from both sides. Depending on the request the fee will be between 5-10.000us$.

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